Proteaceae Websites - protea atlas project. All kinds of information on South African proteaceae, including pictures, instructions on growth (by location, even), information on native habitat, distribution. The whole works. - proteaflora website from Australia. Good bookstore, information on species with checkboxes for certain criteria such as drought tolerance, frost tolerance, soil type, etc. - Australian Native Plants website. Jo O'Connel is an Australian now residing in Ojai, Southern California. The nursery offers tons of plants at the nursery itself, and also ships to a number of nursery's around the area. The website has been recently updated, and now has an availability list (sweet!), plus growing notes and a bookshop. - general overview of the Protea family, including cultivation tips and a brief overview of the various genuses - International Protea Association website. Limited information, but does have a protea locator that shows blooming times for certain species. - California Protea Growers association website. This seems to be more for cut flower people, but there are still some good links and information here. - Silverhill Seeds. This is the preeminent site for buying seed for hard to find proteas. - South African website on proteas, with seeds for sale, books, growing instructions, etc. - International Proteaceae Register. This has lists of scientific names, including where cultivars and hybrids came from, who names them, plus some basic information on the species. - Photos of dozens upon dozens of protea species. - Images of many of the hybrid grevilleas. - Information on growing Waratahs (Telopeas)

Palm Websites - Information and pictures on almost all of the palm species out there. - Pictures of over 100 palm species, along with cultivation information and native habitats. - International Palm Society message board.

Bamboo Websites - American Bamboo Society website. All sorts of information, including books, an extensive species list, and general information on bamboo. - Southern California chapter of the Bamboo Society. Information on numerous species, galleries, and list of local bamboo nurseries and their respective services. - Information on many of the tropical bamboo species.

Flowering and Ornamental Trees Websites - Tropical Flowering Tree Society website. Excellent pictures of many flowering trees and shrubs. Also has a list of events for South Florida. - Hawaiian nursery with many interesting hardwood and flowering trees. - Information and pictures on many different ornamental trees.

Miscellaneous - SoCal nursery specializing in ferns, including rare tree ferns and staghorn ferns. - It's pretty much my favorite website.